• White Wine

    • 1. Pinot Grigio, Torre di Borra, Italy


      Light silvery colour with a bouquet of green apples. Voluptuous and refreshing. Medium Dry.

    • 2. Sauvignon, Premium Long Tail, Wellington, South Africa


      Brilliant light gold, intense bouquet of pineapple, papaya, dry with a smooth, lingering flavour. Dry.

    • 3. Chenin, Fleur Premium, Long Tail, Wellington, South Africa


      Silvery-gold aromas of fragrant white rose petals, taste of little mangoes. Medium sweet.

    • 4. Chardonnay, Little Rascal, Victoria, Australia


      This lovely Chardonnay offers great flavours of mango and pear on the nose, which is nicely balanced by a citrus acidity on the palate and a touch of minerality on the finish. Medium Dry.

    • Prosecco Collection

    • 5. Prosecco Corte Giovanni DOC Treviso, Italy


      From the famous Bedin Treviso estate, this Veronese Prosecco exhibits the most exciting silver-green colour with enticing aromas of brioche and white raspberries. Exquisite, fine mousse with a long elegant finish.

    • 6. Merlot Spumante, Brut rose, David Treviso, Italy


      Commended in Decanter World Wine Awards. Named after Michelango’s statue of David. Selected Merlot and Pinot Noir grapes fuse onto a delicate pink colour, floral aromas, taste of pink berries with a fine perlage.

    • Red Wine

    • 7. Rioja Tinto, Monte Ocijo, Spain


      A well-made wine. Deep purple colour, bouquet of little red berry fruit, slight hint of vanilla, an enjoyable fruity finish. Medium Bodied.

    • 8. Shiraz, Premium, Long, South Africa


      Deep purple-red, aromas of violets and blackcurrants. Pleasing juicy black fruits with a ripe finish. Full Bodied.

    • 9. Shiraz Cabernet Rooks Lane, Murray-Darling, Australia


      Gleaming red-violet, aromas of blackcurrant cassis complemented by creamy red fruits with a refreshing fruity ending. Medium-bodied.

    • 10. Malbec, Finca El Origen, Uco Valley, Argentina


      From the vineyard of Las Pintadas. 91 points in the Ultimate Wine Challenge. Deep red-purple colour, nose of red plum and Morello cherries combined with floral notes such as violets, hints of vanilla, chocolate and caramel, velvety and silky structure, sweet ripe finish. Medium to full-bodied.

    • Our finest Bordeaux

    • 11. Merlot, Château Fongrave, Bordeaux


      Stunning deep red, amazing aromas of tiny mulberries enhanced with a full and warming plummy taste and a complement of oak.

    • Rose Wine

    • 12. Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, Senora Rosa, Chile


      Lively pink with a rose petal and rosehip bouquet, touch of Créme de Framboise. Medium & fruity.

    • 13. Pinot Grigio Ramato Rusato, Torre di Bora, Venezia Giulia, Italy


      Light pink colour with intense fruit, reminiscent of strawberries. Medium body, floral with a pleasant finish. Medium Dry.

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